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VP Kamala Harris Coming to Atlanta for Black Men of America Conference and More

 Vice President Kamala Harris is coming to Atlanta, GA twice in the next 7 days. First, for the 38th annual conference for 100 Black Men of America and last, to join rapper Quavo at the 1st annual Rocket Foundation Summit that takes place on June 18th, Takeoff's Birthday. The conference, which will be hosted by the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. is "four intensive days of transformative experience with like-minded individuals and dynamic leaders." - read more There is an extensive list of judges, panelists, facilitators, moderators, and emcees, as well as entertainers.  Notable names in entertainment include: Angie Stone DJ Mars Ms. Tiffany Haddish Ryan Cameron 38th Annual Conference Registration Pricing here . Kamala to Meet Quavo in Atlanta Kamala's second stop will be at the Rocket Foundation Summit. The foundation was founded by Quavo in 2022 with the goal to honor the life and legacy of Takeoff and put an end to gun violence in America. According to the organiza

Fans on Social Media React to Victoria Monèt's Latest Music Video 'Alright'

Victoria Monèt just broke the internet with the release of her new music video for 'Alright'. The song is a single that appears on her latest album Jaguar II  released in August 2023. The video, which dropped 9 months after the official visualizer, has already surpassed its viewership with 1M+ views and is at the #7 spot for trending music on YouTube as of the time of this post. Impressive. Victoria Monèt - Alright [Visualizer]   Fans React Fans on twitter who chimed in to share their opinions gave much praise to Victoria Monet for the stunning visual performance. Here's some of what they had to say.   Victoria Monét is such a performer & a star 🤩! When I seen the visuals, I had to do a side by side of the live performance at Jagchella back in April 🔥 🐆 @VictoriaMonet x #Alright x @itsSeanBankhead — PAPITOˣ⁴ (@iampapito21) June 12, 2024 how i feel when i listen to ‘alright’ by @VictoriaMonet — دانیال (@s

[Watch] Will Smith Surprises Fans At Movie Theater After Bad Boys Showing in Baldwin Hills

Lil footage of him inside the theatre 😂 — 𝘋 𝘌 𝘕 𝘕 𝘐 𝘚 🇰🇪 (@dennis_k_g) June 8, 2024 Actor Will Smith surprised fans after taking off a mask and revealing his face in the hallway of a movie theater in Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles. A crowd is seen in shock and awe upon realizing that the man engaging with them the hallways was indeed Smith, one of two men they probably came to see on the big screen that day. According to Will Smith, it is a ritual for him to go out to the movie theaters to watch his films.  On this occasion, Bad Boys: Ride or Die is the film up for discussion and, as far as we can tell, the movie has been met with mostly praise. Case in point:  It's been reported by multiple outlets that the latest installment from the Bad Boys saga has debuted worlwide at more than $100M over the weekend, just a pinch over its film budget.  Here's some behind the scenes footage of Will Smith geared up for a scene from Bad Boys 4 in FPS mode,