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How To Build a Fan Base Using Spotify in 2024 | Jean Alon Media

  Atlanta, GA - So you're an artist with killer tracks, but those elusive fans haven't quite materialized yet? Don't fret! Spotify, the music giant, holds immense potential to launch you into the stratosphere. But how do you leverage this platform to cultivate a devoted following? Buckle up, because we're about to break down the key strategies to turn Spotify into your launchpad. Master the Art of Discovery Spotify thrives on personalization . Their algorithm curates playlists like "Discover Weekly" based on users' listening habits. This is your golden ticket!  Here's how to optimize your discovery: High-Quality Audio : Polish your sound! Professional mixing and mastering make a world of difference - listeners are drawn to crisp, clear audio. Strategic Song Selection : Think strategically when releasing singles. Choose tracks that encapsulate your unique sound and resonate with your target audience. Prioritize with Discovery Mode : Spotify allows artis

Jes Hilarious Shows Off Nails Done By Sun Envy in Atlanta Georgia (Video)

 Atlanta GA - Have you ever seen nails like these? Samantha K Ward aka Sun Envy of SunEnvy Beauty Bar Salon took to instagram yesterday to share a post of some recent work she did for a well-known comedian. Jess Hilarious can be seen heard detailing her attempt to catch up with Sun Envy in order to get her nails bellafied by the celebrity nail tech over the past three years. She seems pretty excited to finally have them done.  Watch the video: Watch: Jess Hilarious was surprised seeing what her Nail Tech Ride looks like (Jess with the mess) About Us Jean Alon Media Productions, Ltd. Co is a full service media production company in Atlanta Georgia specializing in videography and photography for family and small businesses. Our services in Atlanta GA include:  Event Photography / Headshot  Photo Booths (Selfie Booth & 360) Content Creation Highlight Reels (Video) If you would like to partner with us , please email us at Have a story or news tip? Send us a m

10 Tips To Help You Budget For Your Next Event | Jean Alon Media

Budget Like a Boss: Unleash Your Inner Cost-Cutting Event Ninja Let's face it: event planning can be expensive. Venues, catering, entertainment – the costs can quickly spiral out of control. But fear not, budget-conscious planners! Here's your ultimate guide to becoming a cost-cutting event ninja: Negotiation is Your Superpower: Don't be afraid to negotiate with vendors! Research average rates and confidently discuss your budget upfront. Ask about package deals, off-peak discounts, or early booking incentives. Remember, a polite but firm approach can save you big. Think Outside the Box: Who says a fancy ballroom is the only option? Explore unique and affordable venues like local parks, community centers, or even art galleries. These offbeat spaces can offer a more intimate and memorable setting without the hefty price tag. DIY Doesn't Mean Disaster: Channel your inner Martha Stewart! Can you create centerpieces yourself or personalize decorations with a DIY touch? Consi

Things To Do ATL | Your First Real College House Party

The AUC's Favorite House Party is back and in full effect tonight right here in Atlanta GA. Taking place at 2073 Bethel Drive NW, this event is expected to be a highly anticipated authentic house party experience for college students. The event will take place from 10pm - 2am and will be free with a free ticket before 10:30pm. Party goers are encouraged to arrive early and use public transportation. Security will be heavily enforced. AUC Shuttle Bus Hours Event Details: Date: March 30th, 2024 Time: 10pm-2am Location: 2074 Bethel Drive NW, Atlanta GA 30314  

Things To Do ATL | Elevate Saturdays at Virgil's Gullah Kitchen and Bar

Atlanta, GA -  Y'all Ready for a Gullah Geechee Grubbin' Good Time?  Virgil's Gullah Kitchen   is hosting Elevate Saturday's tonight right here in Atlanta. This is being labeled as an inclusive LGBTQIA+ Event Music by DJ Gnarlcyn $15 at the Door Date: March 30th, 2024 Time: 9pm - 2am Location: Virgil's Gullah Kitchen Get ready to immerse yourselves in the rich flavors of Gullah Geechee cuisine! We're talkin' fresh, succulent seafood, piping hot bowls of steaming rice, and sides that'll slap yo momma!  Here's what's shakin': A Lowcountry Boil fit for a king (or queen!): Dive into a mountain of shrimp, clams, mussels, sausage, and corn, all seasoned to perfection with our secret Gullah spices. **** Sides that steal the show: Creamy mac and cheese, fluffy hushpuppies, and soul-satisfying collard greens - you won't leave hungry!  Sweet tea that'll quench your thirst: Wash it all down with our signature sweet tea, brewed strong an